Singapore overview

Singapore Travel Guide
Singapore represents the crossroads of occidental and oriental culture and commerce, a historic magnet for traders and migrants that has blossomed into a brash, and quite delicious, fusion of east and west. Contemporary Singapore may seem to have sold its soul to western capitalism, but beneath the facade of a thousand shopping malls beats a uniquely multicultural society, a truly global village. First impressions are always the same; the meticulously manicured gardens that line glistening avenues leading to a cornucopia of shopping-filled skyscrapers leave travellers bewildered at the enormity of the place. However, this is one modern metropolis that honours its traditional cultural heart. Hospitable Malays, head-nodding Indians and respectful Chinese ply their trades alongside a melting pot of nationalities that are all drawn to Singapore by its welcoming embrace of foreigners, especially tourists. Unashamedly sterile and overly wholesome, Singapore is one giant, expensive, fantasy island.